Startup Bubble Brust : Byju’s Mess

1. Byju’s letting go off 1000 employees.
2. They defaulted on 1.25 billion loan
Golmaal hein Bhai sab Golmaal hein !!

PS : As this is the tough time for the affected employees. We currently have 25+ positions open across departments. Please submit your resumes in DM for the quickest response.

Now let’s Question: Everyone is aware of the valuation Byju’s has presented and also aware of the questionable execution tactics which they have shown.

What needs to be questioned ?

1. Is the Indian startup ecosystem getting worse than the insurance & telecom sector !?

2. Are Indian Digital Media firms and influencers just the puppets of these unicorns where unicorns pay for promotion and PR !?

3. What about the generation which is having a considerable effect of distorted parallel education systems ruining their moulding years ?

4. And last but not least, is this the startup culture we would want to showcase to the world !?

Think about it !! Question it !!
Building a startup is responsibility towards society first and stakeholder second.

Share your views with an open heart !!!

Parth Shah
Sidhant Lakhan
Kalyani Borse

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